Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Disconnect for a Weekend

So my last installment I was talking about TV Turn Off Week.
I believe we need to disconnect on a regular basis to stay sane. 
Here's my proposal:

Next time you're camping (preferably at Indian Rock 😀)

1. Tell your friends before you leave for the weekend "I'm turning off my phone at 8 pm Friday and not turning it back on until 12 noon on Sunday."

2. Arrive at the campground and pretend it's 1990... in other words, no cell phones! Put your phone in your glove box and lock it so you're not tempted to take it out! Same with your laptop, tablet, and other i- or android device! Make everyone who's with you do the same thing! 

3. Don't forget before your leave home, to bring a deck of cards or a puzzle, game or other family friendly activity to pursue *just in case* the weather is crummy. 

4. Participate in our Saturday activities or spend the day lazing by the pool or even take a walk in the adjacent state park.

5. Use a camera to take photos, you know you can find it if you look for it! (Last time I went on vacation I admit I forgot my camera because my phone has such great clarity! Then when it was time for fireworks, my battery was dead so that stunk!)

6. Enjoy and reconnect with your family and friends without the distraction of phones and facebook and snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc!

Just a suggestion! 

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